Our Award Winning Massage Therapy

     ... a powerful ally in wellness

    Release your stress and tension with a muscle-melting massage from San Antonio’s award-winning day spa. Whether you prefer the gentle pressure of a Swedish massage or the release of persistent muscle tension with a Deep Tissue pressure massage our treatments and packages are always customized to meet your individual needs.

    All San Antonio Massage & Spa massages include a warm neck pillow, aromatherapy, and hot herbal steamed towel treatment on the back, neck, and feet. Here, our clients do not experience massage envy; whether they are looking for relaxation or outcome-based therapy for chronic pain and other conditions, they can rely on our therapists, and an hour session means 60 minutes of hands on work.

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    Featured Massage Spa Package


    Spring Rejuvenation Spa Package

    Sauna with Cool Peppermint Towels
    One-Hour Swedish Massage
    Hydrating Pear & Green Apple Body Butter Wrap
    Warm Sugar Scrub for Feet and Calves
    Hot Steam Towel Treatment
    Full Body Dry Brush Exfoliation
    Magic Mint Scalp Massage
    Cool Cucumbers on the Eyes
    Served with Mint Tea
    $169, Approx. 2 hours

    Signature Deep Relaxation Massage

    Our most popular massage is a Swedish / Deep Tissue fusion massage designed to work out the kinks and melt away muscle tension.
    75-min Swedish + Deep Tissue Fusion Massage
    Warm Neck Pillow
    Hot Herbal Steam Towel Treatment on the Back, Neck & Feet
    Magic Mint Scalp Treatment
    90 minutes, $129

    Swedish Massage

    Soft on the body with light strokes and gentle kneading across muscles to reduce tension and boost circulation.
    60 minutes $75
    75 minutes $89
    90 minutes $105

    Deep Tissue Massage

    A fusion between Swedish massage and Neuromuscular detailing, our deep tissue massage relieves aches and pains that are stored in the deepest parts of the muscles. The favorite for working out knots and the most stubborn tension and soreness.
    60 minutes $85
    75 minutes $99
    90 minutes $115

    Sports Massage

    This session is for physically active adults of every kind – from professional athletes, active adults, or those in a fitness program. Techniques are tailored to the athletes sport or activity and those areas being repetitively taxed to maximize performance, reduce recovery time, or relieve soreness.
    60 minutes $85
    75 minutes $99
    90 minutes $115

    Prenatal Massage

    Prenatal massage remedies discomforts such as backaches, leg cramps, swollen ankles and feet, helps stabilize jagged hormonal levels – and releases endorphins that contribute in having a deep and comfortable sleep for mothers-to-be.  Massage gives a gratifying comfort to expectant mothers as is eases the load on the heart, keeps the blood pressure in balance to prevent varicose veins to develop in the legs, and provides more oxygen to both mother and the baby. Our prenatal massage cushion provides great comfort to mother and baby during massage.
    60 minutes $85
    75 minutes $99
    90 minutes $115

    Couple's Massage

    Relax with a friend or significant other in our Couples Suite. Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue. A couple’s massage is the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, or that couple that has everything. 
    60 minutes for $170
    75 minutes for $198
    90 minutes for $230

    True Necessities Massage

    Your massage therapist will hone in on your core tension-holding areas with this 60-minute Swedish/Deep Fusion massage, spending 20 minutes on your back, 20 minutes on your head and neck, and 20 minutes on your hands and feet.
    60 Minutes Swedish + Deep Tissue Fusion Massage
    Warm Neck Pillow
    Hot Herbal Steam Towel Treatment on the Neck and Feet
    60 minutes, $85

    Zone Relief Massage

    Your massage therapist will spend 40 minutes focused on either Upper Back and Neck, or the Low back zone for tension and pain relief with a fusion of Swedish + Deep Tissue techniques.
    40 minutes, $55

    Essentials Massage

    This streamlined session includes time for a full body massage and relief of tension; great for mild stress relief and relaxation. Swedish Massage from light to lots of pressure. 
    50 minutes, $59

    Warm Rose Oil Massage

    Imparts a light but heavenly scent and velvety skin. Superb for mental stress and fatigue relief. The properties of rose essential oil impart energy and counteract the effects of stress, adrenal overload, overwork, and speeds the release of tight muscles.
    60 minutes $88
    75 minutes $99
    90 minutes $118

    Hot Lava Shell Massage

    Hot Shell Massage combines unique techniques that incorporate self-heated tiger-clam shells, warm oil, and massage to unravel tension in the body for a deeply relaxing experience.
    90 minutes $120

    Detox Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    Revitalizing and energizing! Special techniques to move lymph, flush metabolic wastes, and increase microcirculation. The effects are greater energy, strengthened immunity, and purifying.  It is helpful for fluid retention, swollen legs or feet, lymphedema, sinus conditions, chronic skin problems, cellulite, headaches or in the sub-acute stages after injury or surgery.
    60 minutes $85
    75 minutes $99
    90 minutes $115

    About Therapeutic Far-Infrared Sauna

    Infrared, or radiant heat, produces the same frequency level as our own body heat that allows deep heat penetration that is not possible with traditional methods of heating. With Therapeutic Far Infrared Sauna, your body produces up to 3 times more perspiration than a conventional sauna, without choking steam. This rids your body of harmful toxins and can ultimately burn up to 300 calories during a 20-30 minute session.

    Massage Enrichments

    Enhance your massage by adding one or several of our massage upgrades
    Hot Herbal Steam Towel Treatment for $10
    Hand or Foot Hydration Treatment for $10
    Full Body Dry Brush Exfoliation $15
    Custom Comfort – 15 Extra Minutes of Massage time, Choose a Body Part for $20
    15 Minute Magic Mint Scalp Treatment for $20
    15 Minute Lavender Scalp Treatment for $20
    Mini Hot Shell Treatment for $30
    Sauna Time with Cool Peppermint Towels and Hot Herbal Steam Towel Treatment for $30
    30 Minute Foot Ritual – Magic Mint Foot Massage and Hydration Treatment & Warm Foot Scrub for $50